Because I am borderline insane (oh…all right…I’m downright certifiable), I signed up to do this run on August 20th at the Copper Mountain Resort. Why? Would you believe me if I said I did it because I thought it looked like fun? I mean, what part of running 3.27 miles (including up a ski mountain) and attempting to overcome 11 ridiculous obstacles along the way doesn’t sound like fun, right? Now, if you overlook the part about my hating to run and not being a “runner” per se and if you get beyond the idea that this race will be done at a starting elevation at 9700 feet, it’s plausible that I could possibly complete this race. I’m relatively fit or at least I should be by August 20th. And, I like challenges, especially ones that involve costumes. How could I pass up a chance to dress up and run with friends through the beautiful Colorado scenery? If nothing else, running this race should garner me some shopping time because I’m going to need new running shoes and probably shorts too.

But, this is no slacker race. You are microchipped to record your time in the event. There are start waves. There are age groups for the competition. The obstacles (aside from the obvious elevation handicap) include running through a stream before climbing over giant hay bales, traversing through tunnels, speed stepping through tires, crawling under barbed wire through mud, and then finally leaping over flames. This race is not like anything I’ve ever done before. Again, I enlisted some friends to do this with me because, seriously, why would you do this alone? There are so many things about this race that are new to me that I’ll be knocking off a whole ton of items from my life to-do list at one time.

The piece de resistance is that as part of the race entry fee I get not only a t-shirt but (get this) a furry warrior HAT with horns and everything and a ticket for free beer after the race. How could I pass that up?

There are tons of locations for this event, 24 if you count the dash they do in Australia, so if this sounds intriguing you should check it out. You might get wet and muddy. You could finish with a scrape or a bruise or some singed arm hair. You could come in last place. At the very least, you will be physically and mentally exhausted by the end of the day. When it’s all said and done, however, you’ll have a great story to tell the grandkids when you pop on that replica of the Flintstone’s Water Buffalo Lodge helmet and recount the time you crawled through mud and jumped over fire just for bragging rights and a free beer.